Collaborative Links

The revitalization of Park Heights is a large project requiring the participation and cooperation of many organizations and the publication and dissemination of numerous documents. Visitors to our Web site may find the following links useful.
  • Park Heights Renaissance, Inc.
    The mission of Park Heights Renaissance (PHR) is to implement the Baltimore City Park Heights Master Plan where land and economic development, along side human development are transformative influences in the revival of a thriving and sustainable community.

  • Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) Park Heights Working Group
    BDC is a 501(c)(3) corporation contracted with the City of Baltimore to provide economic development services. For information specific to the Working Group, contact

  • Park Heights Master Plan
    The Plan was adopted in 2006 and amended in 2008 to incorporate recent developments. This document provides the overall guidance for the revitalization of Park Heights

  • Park Heights Urban Renewal Plan
    The Urban Renewal Plan is a legal document supporting the Park Heights Master Plan