PHDC is a Maryland corporation founded by Rick Fullard, an established Baltimore businessman raised in Park Heights, educated in Baltimore City, and experienced in the rehabilitation of residential property. In 2004, when the City and the residents of Park Heights were engaged in the development of the Park Heights Master Plan, Rick recognized an opportunity - for himself and the community - to leverage his background by participating in the implementation of the Plan once it was adopted. Rick is keenly aware of the heritage of Park Heights and the need for its preservation; the goal is a "new" Park Heights for Baltimore and a "better" Park Heights for its current residents.

Park Heights Develoopment Corporation will participate in the revitalization of Park Heights by cooperating in the implementation of the PHMP
  • Increase the inventory of affordable/workforce housing
  • Rehabilitate and construct properties for resident ownership
  • Employ Park Heights residents in property development projects
PHDC has been awarded Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status by both Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.