The PHDC commitment has a legacy rooted deeply in the Park Heights community
  • PHDC is owned and operated by a Baltimore businessman born and raised in Park Heights
  • Family business interests include the Yellow Bowl Restaurant on Park Heights Avenue-in continuous operation since 1968-and residential real estate development in Baltimore City
  • PHDC was present when the Planning Commission adopted Park Heights Master Plan (PHMP) and followed the implementation and approval of the Park Heights Urban Renewal Plan by the Baltimore City Council
  • PHDC will develop affordable/workforce housing in Park Heights in a manner consistent with the Master and Renewal Plans
  • PHDC attends and participates in monthly meetings of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) Park Heights Working Group
  • PHDC has studied potential residential rehabilitation projects for City-owned housing in Park Heights
  • PHDC has held discussions with Park Heights Renaissance (PHR) and monitors its on-going activities
  • PHDC is a member of the Baltimore Chapter, Inc. of the Project Management Institute